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Good News! Dalipal was approved as a Scientific and Technological Expert Enterprise Workstation in Hebei Province

Release time 2021-01-31

The Hebei Association for Science and Technology announced the approved list of 2020 service center of academician expert and scientific and technological expert enterprise workstations after various on-site inspections and expert reviews by relevant departments recently. Dalipal was listed successfully with its strong and independent research, development and innovation capabilities.

The scientific and technological expert enterprise workstation was setup with an aim to help enterprise innovation needs, be guided by enterprise research and development centers, and linked by industry-university-research cooperation projects for experts and their innovation teams to gather and to help enterprises solve practical problems in technological innovation and strategic development. The workstationwill gradually establish a long-term service mechanism of collaboration between experts and enterprise, promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, cultivate a team of innovative talents, and provide strong support for enhancing the independent innovation capabilities and market competitiveness of enterprises. Dalipal will use this platform to attract technical talents from all fields, and promote innovation to help the development of the enterprise.