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Dalipal and Air Liquide hold a signing ceremony for sustainable development projects

发布时间 2022-08-26

On 25 August 2022, Dalipal Pipe Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Dalipal") and Air Liquide (Cangzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Air Liquide") held the signing ceremony of the sustainable development project. The two companies signed the "Continuous Casting Tundish Oxygen Combustion Innovation Project Cooperation Agreement" and further discussed the follow-up "biomass carbon utilization project" cooperation.

 On the basis of traditional industrial gas cooperation, the two companies adhered to the sustainable development concept of "low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection", deepened cooperation and launched the "Continuous Casting Tundish Oxygen Combustion Innovation Project", which adopts the oxy-combustion torrefying technology , which can effectively improve the level of energy saving in production. It is predicted that after the implementation of the project, 50%-60% of gas energy will be saved, and carbon dioxide emissions will be effectively reduced. At the same time, the "biomass carbon utiliazaiton project" that the two companies intend to cooperate, if it can be achieved, will focus on the application of biomass carbon in steel mills , and realize the full life cycle management and low-carbon metallurgical carbon footprint, which is active exploration of the promotion of sustainable development with the energy transformation goals.

Green environmental protection, starting from the little bit. Dalipal has always adhered to the environmental protection concept of green production, reducing process emissions, and realizing waste recycling. The launch of the "Continuous Casting Tundish Oxygen Combustion Innovation Project" is another meaningful practice of realizing the sustainable development concept of Dalipal.