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Dalipal Launched the 2023 "Employee Mutual Aid One-Day Donation" Activity

发布时间 2022-12-12

On December 12, the 2023 "Employee Mutual Aid One-Day Donation" activity organized successfully by the labor union of Dalipal. The total donation amounted to 70,050 yuan, and all the fund raised will be handed over to the Cangzhou Bohai New Area Federation of Trade Unions.

The "Employee Mutual Donation One Day" activity provides employees and their families with a piece of social security, which fully demonstrates the mutual aid spirit of "I help others when I am not in trouble, then others help me when I am in trouble". Fulfilling social responsibilities and being enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings, Dalipal has always taken "repaying the society as its own responsibility". All Dalipal employee responded positively, actively participated in donations and love, and practiced the corporate purpose of "creating harmony for the society" with their own practical actions.