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Dalipal's Self-developed System was Granted Software Copyright

发布时间 2023-01-31

Recently, Dalipal's "Innovation Incubation Platform V2.0" system officially obtained the "Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate" authorized by the National Copyright Administration. This is the first time that the company's self-developed software system has obtained the "Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate".

Dalipal has taken "innovation" as one of its core values since its establishment and has implemented it in the whole process of the company's entrepreneurship and development. As a manufacturing enterprise, Dalipal has always been committed to building a new system of "green, low-carbon, and intelligent manufacturing". Through various technological innovations, it has continuously helped the company's management capabilities and manufacturing capabilities to improve. In recent years, it has successfully developed software systems such as "Innovation Incubation Platform V2.0", which has greatly helped the company's operating efficiency in various management fields. This time the company achieving the award The "Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate" not only enriches the company's intellectual property structure, but also enriches the company's intangible assets.