Authorized Representatives

Mr. Meng Fanyong

发布时间 2019-07-18

Mr. Meng is an executive Director and Chairman of the Board responsible for the overall strategic development, and leading the business development of the Group. He was appointed as Director on 28 August 2018 and re-designated as executive Director on 27 February 2019. Mr. Meng is the chairman of the Nomination Committee of the Company's Board of Directors. Mr. Meng has over 40 years of experience in oilfield equipment business. He also has over 23 years of experience in operation and management business of OCTG manufacturing. He joined the Group on 18 September 1998. Mr. Meng has been a director and chairman of Dalipal Pipe since September 1998. Prior to joining the Group, he acquired knowledge and experiences in operation of oilfield and oil pipe manufacturing industry by holding various positions in North China Second Drilling, which principally engages in maintenance of oilfield equipment and oilfield service, including technician, dispatcher of machine maintenance factory, workshop director, manager of machine maintenance factory, and deputy factory director of operational and services department from September 1981 to July 1999. Mr. Meng is also a director of certain subsidiaries of the Group. Mr. Meng is the father of Mr. YX Meng, an executive Director and the deputy chief executive officer of the Group. Mr. Meng graduated from Communist Party of China Hebei Provincial Party School Party and Government Cadres College* (中共河北省委黨校黨政幹部函授學院) in the PRC in July 1998. Mr. Meng holds approximately 80.6% of the issued share capital of Rosy Astral Limited, which has an interest in such number of Shares of the Company under Divisions 2 and 3 of Part XV of Securities and Futures Ordinance as disclosed in the section headed “Substantial Shareholders’ Interests and Short Positions in Shares and Underlying Shares” in this report.