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Educational Background
  • Technological Research and Development
    Metallurgy, Material Forming, Metal Material and Material Processing
    Bachelor degree or above
  • Internal control
    Law, Auditing, Finance and Investment
    Bachelor degree or above
  • marketing
    Marketing, International Trade, English Related
    Bachelor degree or above
  • Human Resources Management
    Human Resource Management, Business Administration and Management
    Bachelor degree or above
  • information management
    Computer, Internet of Things, Information Technology, Electronic Information, Logistics Engineering, Intelligent Technology
    Bachelor degree or above
  • Quality Assurance
    Metal Material, Material Processing and Material Forming
    Bachelor degree
  • Equipment maintenance
    Mechanical, electrical, electromechanical, automation related
    College degree or above
  • Production Intelligence Control
    Metallurgical, rolling, electromechanical correlation
    College degree
  • Inspection and analysis
    Metallurgical, rolling, industrial analysis, chemical correlation
    College degree
  • Warehousing Management
    Logistics, Accounting, Internet, Computer, Information Relevance
    College degree

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