ESG Actions

Dalipal publishes two corporate standards

发布时间 2022-10-26

On October 13th and 14th, through the Enterprise Standard Information Public Service Platform, Dalipal released two enterprise standards successively, "Technical specification for high-strength and high-toughness petroleum casings and tubing, Part 1, casings for deep and ultra-deep wells (standard number: Q/DLP 102-2022)" and"Specification for dimensions and performance of high-gas sealing special threads for casings, DLP-t4(standard number: Q/DLP 101-2022)".

 Dalipal has been committed to non-API casing products and application technology research and development, the two standard products are to meet the needs of drilling and production of oil and gas resources to meet the harsh environment with independent intellectual property rights of the product research and development. The two standards collect a large amount of R & D, production and application data, which can be used as the basis for user application material selection and product acceptance. Dalipal will continue to provide better products and services to customers through product development and standardization.