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Dalipal launches special training on compliance management and loyalty and diligence obligations

发布时间 2022-11-15

In order to comprehensively promote to govern the enterprise by law, effectively improve the level of corporate compliance management, strengthen the loyalty and diligence obligations of managers, and promote the company's high-quality and sustainable development,the company organized the "Special Training on Compliance Management and Loyalty and Diligence Obligation" on the morning of 12 November. More than 60 employee including directors, supervisors, middle and senior management personnel participated in the training.

This training was presided over by Zhang Hongyao, the vice chairman of the Board, and Xu Wenhong, the chief legal officer, gave the lecture. Xu Wenhong elaborated four aspects of compliance, compliance value, compliance risk and how to establish an effective compliance management system based on the company's actual situation and related cases; based on the company's articles of association, combined with the "Corporate Culture Manual", through case analysis, interpreted the loyal and diligent obligations of managers. Some managers participated in interacting about the business under their management.

Meng Fanyong, chairman of the Board, emphasized: governing the enterprise according to law, operating according to law, and performing duties according to law are the requirements of the times, and it is the practical action of Dalipal to respond to the call of the Party. It is an urgent need for the company's rapid development to gather the majority of Dalipal employment who are loyal to their duties and perform their duties diligently.

After listening to the training, the participants solemnly made a compliance oath and signed a compliance commitment. The upcoming 2023 is the first year of the "Sixth Five-Year Plan" of Dalipal. In order to achieve the strategic goal of "Strive for first-class,Last for hundred years", all Dalipal people will stick to integrity and innovation, stick to the bottom line, achieve new goals based on their posts, and contribute to the company's high-quality sustainable development.