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Dalipal was Awarded the Demonstration Unit of Enterprise Culture Construction in Hebei Province

发布时间 2022-12-09

On December 5, the Hebei Provincial Entrepreneurs Association announced the "Decision on Naming Hebei Province Enterprise Culture Construction Demonstration Unit and Enterprise Culture Construction Advanced Individual". Dalipal was awarded "Hebei Province Enterprise Culture Construction Demonstration Unit", and the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Meng Fanyong was named "Advanced Individual in Enterprise Culture Construction in Hebei Province".

The culture prospers and strengthens the enterprise. Dalipal has always attached great importance to the construction of corporate culture, giving full play to the leading role of corporate culture in enterprise development, enhancing the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and enhancing the cohesion of the enterprise.

Chairman Meng Fanyong said: "Corporate culture is the most basic guarantee for the sustainable and healthy development of an enterprise, the most basic requirement for building a brand, the most basic law for an enterprise to gather strength, form consensus, and stimulate potential, and it is the power source for entrepreneurship and innovation. "

After more than 20 years of accumulation and precipitation, Dalipal has formed an enterprise cultural system with the corporate purpose of "creating value for customers, creating opportunities for employees, creating strength for the enterprise, and creating harmony for the society" and taking "respect, honesty, teamwork and innovation" as its core values. Through self-built internal magazines, corporate websites, public accounts, brochures, and organizing commendation meetings, symposiums, knowledge contests and other publicity forms, cultural concepts are gradually infiltrated into the entire process of corporate operation and management, and corporate culture is deeply rooted in the mind and heart, externalized in action, and help promote the early realization of the strategic goal of " Strive for first-class, Last for hundred years"!