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Dalipal distributes Spring Festival Benefits to Warm the Chinese New Year

发布时间 2023-01-13

It's the Spring Festival and the company’s welfare is full of heart-warming. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, in order to express our deep New Year blessings to all employees and appreciate for their hard-working over the past year, on the morning of 13 January, on the Minor Spring Festival, Dalipal distributed heart-warming Spring Festival benefits and Holiday red envelopes. The scene of welfare distribution was full of laughter and order, and the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival was strong and full of enthusiasm. Each benefit is affordable and practical, representing the company's sincere greetings and Spring Festival blessings to every employee and their family.

"Helping society, supporting customers, benefiting employees", the company has always regarded employees as relatives, insisted on sharing the achievements of enterprise development with employees, and carried out warm-hearted activities through various festivals such as International Women's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Spring Festival, and took practical actions to show deep concern for employees. The heart-warming welfare not only brought strong Spring Festival blessings to everyone, but also brought full touch to the hearts of the employees, adding full motivation and confidence to the new year.

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