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Dalipal Successfully Passed the Clean Production Acceptance Inspectation

发布时间 2023-02-28

After more than a year of full promotion and implementation, Dalipal successfully passed the clean production acceptance inspectation organized by the Hebei Provincial Academy of Ecological Environmental Science. After the implementation of this round of cleaner production acceptance inspectation phase plan, certain environmental and economic benefits have been achieved: saving 2.5152 million kWh/a of electricity, saving 17,100 m3/a of water, saving 134,100 m3/a of natural gas, and 2.67 million yuan/a economic benefits were achieved. At the same time, VOCs emission is reduced by 1.31t/a, waste paint and paint residue are reduced by 0.1t/a, COD emission is reduced by 0.306t/a, ammonia nitrogen emission is reduced by 0.015t/a, and energy saving is 476.35tce/a. The plan has effectively reduced energy consumption and environmental pollution.

The company will solidify the systematic working method of cleaner production inspectation into daily management work, continuously improve the awareness of cleaner production among all employees, explore the potential of cleaner production, improve the level of cleaner production, and further promote the high-quality development of the company!