ESG Actions

Dalipal's front-line employees won the Provincial 5.1 Labor Medal, and the Technical Quality Department won the Provincial Worker Pioneer

发布时间 2023-05-05

It was learned from the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions that at the 2023 Hebei Province Celebration of the "5.1" International Labor Day and the Provincial 5.1 Labor Award and Worker Pioneer Commendation Conference held on 28 April, 500 individuals and 550 collectives across the province were commended. Our company's one employee,Shan Zhongxin, and a unit, Technical Quality Department, are impressively listed, and have won the honorary titles of "Hebei Province 5.1 Labor Medal" and "Hebei Province Worker Pioneer".

In the 25 years of development of Dalipal since its establishment, struggle and entrepreneurship is the main theme of development. The majority of employees have created extraordinary performance in ordinary positions, which fully reflects the beauty of labor, creation and struggle of employees in the new era. Based on the new stage of development, the company will vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, and craftsman spirit, and encourage all employees to work honestly and diligently, to innovate and be the first, and strive to write a new chapter in the development of Dalipal, and take practical actions to contribute to a new chapter for the regional economy’s high-quality development.