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Changing with Each Passing Day - Sales of Tube for Perforating Gun Achieve Breakthrough

发布时间 2023-12-07

In 2023, the company's tube for perforating gun sales achieved zero breakthrough, which injected new impetus into optimizing the product structure and further improving product competitiveness.

As the core raw material for manufacturing various types of high-performance oil and gas well perforating guns, tubes for perforating gun have extremely strict requirements on impact toughness and internal pressure resistance, and have extremely high requirements on product quality stability. At present, the company has the ability to produce multi-grade tubes for perforating gun with diameters of 60.3~177.8mm, 110P, 130P, 150P, etc., and has obtained multi-specification product test and inspection reports from authoritative institutions, and has been highly recognized by evaluation institutions and end customers. 

The zero breakthrough in the sales of new product tubes for perforating gun is not only the enhancement of the company's technology research and development capabilities, but also the result of promoting the optimization and adjustment of product structure. In the future, Dalipal will continue to focus on market and customer needs, benchmark against first-class products, continue to optimize, continuously enrich its product tree, enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness, and further enhance the company's sustainable development momentum!