ESG Actions

ESG Performance Improvement in Action

发布时间 2023-12-19

In order to actively respond to the challenges and opportunities of global climate change, Dalipal continues to promote the in-depth integration of ESG concepts and company operations with practical actions, and continuously improves ESG performance levels.

In 2023, under the leadership of the ESG Committee, the company will conduct in-depth research on the new climate information disclosure regulations of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange ( "HKEX") and the EU CBMA rules (also known as "carbon tariffs") to explore the impact on the company's future potential impact on development. In this regard, the ESG working group systematically sorted out the national "double carbon" requirements, domestic and foreign customer ESG-related requirements, and international mainstream ESG rating standards, and conducted a special benchmarking analysis on this basis. According to the benchmarking analysis results, focusing on key business modules such as global climate change and carbon emission management, new energy development, supply chain ESG management, innovation, occupational health and safety, human resources management, information/network security, etc., the ESG working group worked with the heads of each business unit, ESG liaisons, and personnel responsible for each business module conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions, analyzed existing problems and deficiencies, clarified the direction of ESG performance improvement in 2024, and agreed on improvement goals.

Dalipal will continue to improve the ESG governance system, continuously promote the close integration of ESG concepts with the company's strategy and operations, effectively improve the level of ESG governance, and help the company's healthy and sustainable development and long-term value growth.