ESG Actions

Dalipal Achieved the National Green Factory Certification

发布时间 2023-03-24

24 March, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC announced the "2022 Green Manufacturing List", and Dalipal was included, which marked that Dalipal was successfully certified to a national green factory.

National Green Factory is a typical enterprise selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to achieve green and high-quality development in various industries in order to implement the "14th Five-Year" industrial green development plan, comprehensively promote green manufacturing, and help the industrial field achieve carbon peak and carbon neutral goals. Obtaining this certification is a comprehensive evaluation of the company's energy use efficiency, energy resource utilization, and product energy consumption levels, and it is also a further affirmation of the company's ESG management practice.

Practicing ESG concept and adhering to "Green low-carbon and high-quality Development Strategy", the company continues to promote energy conservation and emission reduction and low emission in production and operation, and creating a high-quality development model with ecological priority, green and low carbon through technological innovation. The company not only continues to promote process innovation, green product research and development, and transition to green energy, but also runs through the entire process of production and manufacturing with the idea of ecological civilization, strictly implements energy saving, consumption reduction, pollution reduction, and efficiency enhancement measures, and actively guides employees to join the low-carbon life ranks.

In the future, Dalipal will continue to practice the concept of ESG, promote its own high-quality development, and give full play to its inner driving role of green development, and strive to build and maintain a beautiful China with green mountains, lucid waters and fresh air.