ESG Actions

Give an hour for the earth Dalipal in action

发布时间 2023-03-25

In response to "Earth Hour", the world's largest energy-saving and environmental protection action, the company launched a series of activities of "Give an Hour to the Earth, Dalipal in Action", calling on all employees and all sectors of society to take practical actions to contribute an environmental change within our power to the earth.

On 24 March, the company used the multimedia screen to play the official promotional video of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), released the "Give an Hour for Earth" proposal, and conducted random interviews with employees. On March 25, the elevators in the office building were shut down, unnecessary landscape lighting was extinguished, and employees were organized to carry out specific energy-saving and environmental protection actions and spread them on Moments. Start from small things, speak out for the earth, and advocate that everyone can change their daily habits, practice sustainable lifestyles, and protect the environment for the next generation.

"Earth Hour" is not limited to "one hour". Dalipal will continue to practice the ESG concept, adhere to the environmental protection concept of "ecological protection, pollution control, clean production, and green development", and protect the home of the earth.