ESG Actions

Dalipal's Labor Union Organized Health Knowledge Lectures

发布时间 2023-04-14

On the morning of 13 April, Dalipal's labor union specially invited experts from Cangzhou People's Hospital to the company to carry out health knowledge lectures and free clinic activities with the theme of "Caring for Employees and Protecting Health".

Experts from hospital explained to everyone the knowledge about skin care in spring, four-season health care in traditional Chinese medicine and weight management with illustrated courseware, vivid cases and easy-to-understand language, calling on everyone to start from themselves and be their own health care doctors. After that, free on-site blood sugar testing, Chinese medicine pulse, skin examination and other free clinic activities were carried out, which were very popular among employees, and everyone lined up for testing...

This event not only helped employees keep abreast of their own health conditions, but also brought the concept of health to the majority of employees, which was unanimously praised by employees, who suggested that "it is heart-warming and practical". At the same time, this is also a specific measure for the company to implement the "Healthy China" strategy and implement the corporate culture of "inclusive employees" and "treating employees as relatives", which reflects the company's care for the majority of employees.

The company's labor union will continue to solidly promote the construction of caring for employees and advocating that employees develop good work and living habits, work happily and live healthily.